A Call to Cornerstone to Fast for the Evangelism Campaign

5-5 All Church Fasting

Saturday 2/19 5 p.m. to Sunday 2/20 5 p.m.

Join us at the events even if you do not fast.

Saturday 5 p.m. Kick off with movie “To Save a Life”

Separate Movie for Kids.

Sunday Morning (No Snacks during Sunday School)

Sunday 5 p.m. – All Church Prayer Meeting

Sunday 6 p.m. –  All Church Soup Potluck Celebration

Food Fast only.  Keep drinking liquids, especially lots of water!

Do not fast if concerned about medical issues.

Things to pray for concerning the Evangelism Campaign (EC).

Pray for Pastors Neil Arias and Jim DeVore as they prepare messages.

Pray for the Children’s Program and Worship Ministry.

Use the Schedule Insert to pray for all events surrounding EC.

Pray for God to reveal sin, confession of that sin, and pray for strength to walk away from that sin.

Pray for people you want to bring and get saved at the EC.

Use the fast to ask God specifically what your role is in the EC.

If you know, then fast to prepare yourself spiritually for the job.

Cornerstone Church of Littlerock

Sunday Feb. 13, 2011  Jim DeVore, Pastor

Fasting, God’s Spiritual Weapon

I. Fasting is

  1. A Spiritual Mandate!  Matthew 9:14-15
  2. A Humility Maker  Ezra 8:21-23
  3. For Decision Making   Acts 13:2-3, 14:23
  4. Fasting is a U-turn from Sin
    1. For Others   1 Sam 20:34,
    2. For Yourself   Joel 2:12
    3. Fasting is a Long Spiritual Red Light.
      1. Ps. 27:14
      2. 2 Chron. 20:1-4
      3. Esther 4:16
      4. Fasting is a Spiritual Meal of Empathy.

Nehemiah 1:2-4

  1. Fasting is a Spiritual Weapon for War.

Matthew 4:1-3

  1. God responds to Fasting    Matthew 6:18
  1. What fasting is not . .Matthew 6:16-18
  • Not a hunger strike.
  • Not a vending machine.
  • Not a show.
  • Not a contest.
  • Not a Panacea!  Isaiah 58:1-4