Be Discipled By JESUS in 2010!

Be Discipled By Jesus This Year!

Cornerstone Church 2010 Bible Reading Program

Get your Bible, and a journal, a notebook, a diary or a computer, and something to write with or type on!  Then set your appointment to be discipled by Jesus this year.  Pick the time and quiet place.  No TV, no radio, no cell phone!  You’re with Jesus, the interruption can wait!

Read a chapter a day from the Gospels using the schedule below. When you finish the book before the month ends just start in the same book again!  Using the questions below, record your answers after each reading.  List your comments, questions, prayer requests and thankfulness as well.  Enjoy your discipleship with Jesus this year!

  1. What does this passage tell me about Jesus himself?
  2. What is Jesus teaching me in this passage?
  3. What should I do as a result of this teaching?

v Additional Study Option – When an Old Testament passage is discussed, look it up for additional study.

v If you are not sure about a passage, look up some insight in a trusted commentary.  Your Sunday School teachers or Pastors can give you some suggestions and books to borrow.

Matthew – January,      May,        September

Mark –      February,    June,        October

Luke –      March,         July,         November

John –       April,          August,     December