Getting to Chile—Tuesday-Wednesday

Hey everyone. Last night we had church. Sister Vicki—in the culture you address brothers and sisters in Christ as brothers and sisters, hermanos y hermanas—and I (Anthony) gave our testimonies. Both were well received by the congregation, but Vicki’s emotional testimony was especially touching to many people. It’s so great to see that our stories can be such a blessing and encouragement to people that are literally thousands of miles away. Pastor Jim gave a great message. All the English is translated by Pastor Neil or Sister Rhonda or Sister Jody. It is really interesting to see how the whole service goes together. Brother Josh and I also played guitar with Sister Rhonda on piano for worship.

Following the service we were blessed with delicious empanadas and other Chilean treats. It was really nice to have some time to meet the locals, especially all our brothers and sisters that lead the church here in Lanco.

This morning, we gathered in two groups, women at Sister Jody’s house and the men in Lanco at Pastor Neil’s house. We had a great time worshiping in both English and Spanish and discussing some scripture from the book of John. It was amazing to here that the implication of scripture is completely the same when read in Spanish as we get in English.

Various projects went on throughout the rest of the day.

The women did shopping and preparation for various events that are coming up in a day or so. After that, they blessed some of the women in the local church here to pedicures and manicures.

Brother Tom and Brother Steve did some work on the roof. They have a leak when it rains that is causing some pretty serious damage across the back end of the building. I hope it doesn’t rain before they get it fixed because some of the damage is right above where we are sleeping.

Pastor Jim conducted the first of several sessions of leadership training. He led the leadership at the church and some of us on the team through the first chapter of 2 Timothy. Ultimately, the application is that a leader can only be successful if he is saturated in scripture, prayer and fellowship.

Josh led guitar lessons with Jorge and Pedro. It was great! He taught them to play two songs, one which they blessed the congregation with for special music tonight. The song was This is the Day—Eres es el Dia.

After church today we caught the second half of the world cup soccer championship game between Chile and Ecuador. Chile slaughtered them uno y cero.

It has been a fantastic event so far. We are going to be busy tomorrow.

I would have to say that today I learned that God is bigger then Littlerock and the US. He is working in Chile, the same as He is in the US. Who knows, maybe one day missionaries from Chile will come to minister to the people of Littlerock.

Here are some thoughts from some of the other team members.

Hi Guys! We are so happy to have the Chile team here! They hit the ground running and haven’t stopped yet. The Lord has already blessed, and we are anxious to see just what He is going to do this week. Thank you all for your sacrifice and prayers. We are blessed to have you partner with us during this special time—Rhonda and Neil

Hey, this is Josh! We made it to Chili safely, and God is working down here in SO MANY ways! The plane ride down took FOREVER, but it was worth every minute of torture in the plane to be down here. I have been given the privilege to teach two boys down here the guitar, and it is amazing how quickly they are picking it up. They learned one song really well the FIRST DAY! (I couldn’t play a song for weeks when I first started taking lessons!) I thought the language barrier would be an issue, but it isn’t at ALL! I just have a translator with me during the lesson, and it works out wonderfully! We are actually teaching our songs in SPANISH! Anthony helps a bunch in the translation! He initially teaches me the song in Spanish, and helps me sing it with the students. Then I pick up on it, and can teach the rest. We played a song for the church the first night after our first lesson. It was AWESOME! I didn’t know what God would do with me on this trip, but now I can see that despite my doubts and questions, He has great plans down hear, and I just pray He continues to use me in them! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! We couldn’t be down here without ALL of you supporting us at home. I miss you all SOOOOOO MUCH! See ya when we get home! CHOW!—Josh DeVore

Hey everybody this is kyle well we arrived in chile a little tired but ready to get started. I was a little worried about the whole language thing at first but I’ve come to find out that as long as your willing to try its ok. The last couple of days have been a true eye opener to me. The people here are so amazingly friendly and willing to help with any thing we need. It is truly amazing to see how gods working here and to be part of it. Today we got up with all the intentions in the world to start working on the church but some of the local teenagers came by and we played soccer. We also had a blast trying to teach them to play American football and that was so fun. We managed to end up getting a little work done before we had service. Well I appreciate the prayers and hope that every thing is going ok back there we are truly blessed to be here and I appreciate all the support—Kyle Jones