Young Adult Ministry

Alpha Pie Omega—Young Adult Group

The young adult group exists to support the youth of the church as they transition into adult hood. There are two ways that the group works.

First, the young adults meet for monthly Bible studies and weekly for Sunday school. This, along with several yearly social events, works to unify the group.

  • Sunday School is at 9:45 every week.
  • Young Adult Bible Studies are second Tuesday of the month. Please contact Anthony Delgado or the church office for details.

Second, the young adults are encouraged by the men and women of the church to join them for weekly Bible studies  and to be involved in men’s and women’s group events.

  • Wednesday Bible studies are at 6:30.

We believe the balance between a unified group and the involvement in the adult ministries will serve to foster maturity and growth as servants of Jesus Christ, both theologically and practically.

Philosophy of Young Adult Ministry

The Bible does not specifically mandate segregational ministry of any kind, including young adult ministry. However, the Bible does give freedom to the church in ministering to the congregation and community so long as biblical standards are maintained. Just as the Apostle Paul adapted his approach to ministry in order to minister to Jews and Gentiles, the modern church should adapt to meet the needs of our culture and community in regards to ministry (1 Corinthians 9.19-23). A biblical young adult ministry should, therefore be focused on evangelism, baptism and catechism (teaching/training) of the young adults of our church and communities. This plays out practically as we study the Word together and fellowship together.

At the same time, Titus 2.1-6 charges the older men and women in the church to be active in training the younger men and women. It’s for this reason that we encourage our young adults to be involved in men’s and women’s Bible studies.