Staff Top 10 Book Reading Plan

Cornerstone Bible Reading Plan 2013

10 Favorite Books of the Decade!


In celebration of Cornerstone’s first decade the 2013 Bible Reading plan is a collection of the ten favorite books of the Bible as compiled by surveying the Elders, Staff, and Pastors.  Below is a list of those favorite books, a reading guideline to read them all this year, and some quotes as to why they are favorites!  Some months are heavier reading than others so if you get behind do not despair.  Start each month fresh and in your spare time catch up on the ones you may be behind on!


Month Reading Comments from Staff
January Genesis 1-25Psalm 1-13

Proverbs 1-3

Pastor Ken – I have always had a fondness for Genesis because it is the book of all beginnings.
February Genesis 26-50Psalms 14-26

Proverbs 4-6

Pastor Mike  – I love nature, I love the outdoors.  Genesis explains how they lived in the garden and what heaven may be like.
March John 1-21Psalms 27-40

Proverbs 7-9

Joy Ely – John has concentrated teaching on the Deity of ChristPastor Jim – John is the commentary of the Gospels.  Where the others list the facts of Jesus’ life John takes time to tell you why certain things happened and what it meant for them and what it means for us.
April Job 1-21Psalms 41-53

Proverbs 10-12

David -Job shows the sovereignty of God over all things.  It’s a hard thing for humans to understand but through this book we can be at rest and peace knowing that he is in charge of all, and that even when so called bad things happen we know He loves us and cares for us.
May Job 22-42Psalms 54-66

Proverbs 13-15

Sheryl – I have never been through a lot of trials like Job, but I have felt the way he has with the trials I’ve had.  It is an encouragement to me to see how he responds.
June Romans 1-16Psalms 67-70

Proverbs 16-18

Joy Ely -Romans has the Romans Road and a detailed description of the doctrines.Joe –  Romans was the book that the preacher was preaching out of when I came to Christ and I love studying it.
July Philippians  1-4Psalms 71-83

Proverbs 19-21

Pastor Anthony – My prayer is that you will be encouraged and exhorted, as I have, to persevere in your faith and to be unified in purpose with your brothers and sisters in Christ as you read Philippians. And may it be for the purpose of glorifying God, but consequentially produce in you joy that results in rejoicing.Paul – Philippians tells us that God is always very near to us and we can have His joy and peace in our hearts no matter what is going on in our lives.  On the outside everything can be falling apart and on the inside everything can be beautiful.

Val  – Philippians gives a lot of hope, especially chapter 4.

August Hebrews 1-13Psalms 84-96

Proverbs 22-24

David – Christ, superior to all created things, worthy of worship and praise. Hebrews really has showed me a lot about our savior, His power and grace, how He has covered all the bases forever in redeeming us. It has taught me to keep my eyes on Him to move forward and let Him lead since He is all and has done all.Joe – Hebrews has such spiritual depth. I love teaching it.
September James 1-5Psalms 97-100

Proverbs 25-26

Darlene -I love the directness of James on how to live a full Christian life – a true test of your faithfulness.Pastor Ken –  James is so down to earth with his theology.

Val – James  is convicting and very straight forward…sometimes I need that!

October 1st Peter 1-5Psalm 101-113

Proverbs 27-28

Sheryl – 1st Peter challenges me to be a good wife and set an example for my husband.Pastor Jim – 1st Peter is such a challenge to willful suffering for Christ.
November Psalms 114-130Proverbs 29-30 Irene – Proverbs is Filled with relevant,  useful, insightful wisdom & understanding that equips us to handle our own crisis.Pastor Mike – I need wisdom and every time I read Proverbs it’s application
December Psalms 131-150 Paul – Psalms tells us about the awesomeness of God, His unfathomable love for us and His forgiveness.

Thanks to all the contributors.  Those quoted are.  Pastor Ken Mercy, Pastor Mike Gonzalez, Joy Ely (Prayer Deaconess), Pastor Jim DeVore, David Doffing (Worship Director), Sheryl Robison (Administrative Secretary), Joe Millard (Elder), Pastor Anthony Delgado, Paul West (Elder), Valerie Mercy (Women’s Ministry Director), Darlene West (Accountant), Irene Rowe (Church Secretary).