Pastor Anthony Delgado Bio

headshotAnthony Delgado is the Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church of Littlerock in Southern California. The emphasis of Anthony’s education is Theology and Hermeneutics.

Anthony has been serving as a volunteer in youth ministry since 2003. In 2008, Anthony returned to school to pursue a degree in theology and biblical studies. It was during this same time that Cornerstone Church called him to direct the ministry. He has served in this role since then. He has since been officially licensed as the Youth Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Littlerock.

Anthony lives in Littlerock, where he continues to minister alongside his wife of almost 10 years and his three children; ages 8, 4 and 3.

Anthony operates the website eInquisitive and has authored the book Hermeneutics Are Like Belly Buttons.