The 21st Century Fellowship-Peace Offering

Cornerstone Church Family,

Here are the details I mentioned for the Fellowship-Peace Offering forms we passed out in church on Sunday 8/15 for the special evening service on 9/19.  If you need a copy of the form send your request to  or check the bottom of this post.

Remember it’s based on Leviticus chapters 3 and 7.

I Thank God that  . .

Ephesians 1 & 2,  Galatians 5:19-23

James 1:17-18,  2nd Timothy 3:16-17

New baby, Christian marriage, new job,

rescue from health issues

Here is the Vow I fulfilled for God’s  Glory.


Maybe a giving of time, talent or money.

Baptism (on 9/19)

Begin a reconciliation process,

Actively tackle a bad habit.

Read your Bible more. (be specific.  Pick time and how much reading.)

Daily Prayer time. (Be specific.  How long, how often.)

Read a Christian marriage book all the way through out loud with your wife. (Guys do not wait for your wife to suggest this!  Yes, she wants you to read to her!  I have free books in my office.)

My Free Will (Yeah God!  Just Because!) Offering is


Some gift of appreciation to be used or given away such as a car, a room in your house, a free service.

Statement of praise.

Here is the link for the form to fill out.  Call or email if you have questions!

9-19 -Fellowship-Peace Offerings

I cannot wait until September 19th when we celebrate together!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Jim