Thursday Chile Blog

Hey everybody its Kyle. Just wanted to give you an update on the team and how everything is going down here. Today was a great day not only for the team but for the church here in Lanco, the Lord truly blessed us. This morning started off with breakfast at Pastor Neil’s house for the men and breakfast at Jody’s for the women. After breakfast we all meet at the church to start preparing for VBS and begin working on the roof.

Tom and Steve and a couple of the church members Jorge, Pedro, and Hector jumped in with them and they replaced a whole section of the roof. While the guys were working on the roof all the ladies and a few ladies from the church worked very hard to make a traditional American lunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes with coleslaw and macaroni salad. After lunch we all got hard to work decorating for VBS.

When we finished decorating we hit the neighborhood in full force with two teams to pass out fliers to get as many kids as we could to come to VBS. It was a truly amazing experience to just walk around and see the community and there willingness to try to talk to us.

After we got done passing out the fliers we headed back to the church, leaving it in His hands to see how it would turn out and just like always he didn’t disappoint. VBS started at seven with a full house of kids; it was amazing. All the kids were so excited to be there we put on a mime show and then the real fun began as we all piled into the gym. We set up games and activities. Tonight’s theme was birthdays for all the little girls. The ladies made them cakes and they also helped them make pinatas.

(It was awesome, cause’ there was a grip of kids—like 150—and we ran out of cake. Everything was chaos and the gospel of Jesus Christ was clearly preached to all of them. Amen, amen!—Anthony)

We wrapped up the night with a time of prayer and dinner at Pastor Neil’s house—Gracias Hermana Rhonda—today was truly a blessing. I would like to thank you all for your prayers and your support.

Pray, pray, pray for God’s continued intervention in this trip and specifically for VBS over the next two days. Gracias Piedra Angular Iglesia de Littlerock!