Friday in Chile

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was another great day in Lanco.

We woke up in the morning. The men met at Pastor Neil’s house for a men’s prayer meeting with a bunch of the men from the church. It was awesome to sit and pray with those guys. Their needs are really no different than ours. It is amazing how similar life is 5000 miles away from home.

We spent some more time playing guitar with the locals. One of the guys Caesar brought in his guitar which was sort of broken and we were able to get new strings on it so he can play it.

VBS went great again. It was much more organized because we had a good idea how many kids were coming. Syndia made more cake so there was enough for everyone.

The youth meeting was last night from 9 til 11, supposedly. Jorge, Pedro, Josh and I went and found a bunch of guys in the neighborhood and invited them to the meeting. We had a really great turn out. Tom orchestrated the event. Kyle and Josh did a great job giving their testimonies. I taught on John 14.6. Pastor Neil did an alter call. I think it was a re-dedication and salvation call, but I’m not certain because it was in Spanish. About nine youth came forward. It was amazing.

After the meeting, Jorge took me over to his house. I met one of his three sisters and his Mom. He gave me this drink that has barley and fruit and juice in it. I can’t remember exactly what it is called, but it is very different and very good.

About midnight, we started playing soccer. We had four teems and you play to 1 point, rotating teams. We won six games, which I think is really good for us out of shape Americans. Pastor Jim says Ultimate Frisbee next.

All the guys went home and to bed. Tom and I sat out in front of the church for about an hour talking and playing guitar. We had a chance to talk with the gas station attendant across the street. We tried to get him to come to church, but I don’t think he will come. We will see tomorrow!

Please continue to pray for the success of the trip. Today is the festival for the kids and tonight is the marriage meeting. God bless,